A new Devizes Parkway train station?

At our recent networking event at Devizes library and Hub Cllr Simon Jacobs brought us up to date with the very long standing project to bring a train station to Lydeway, on the London line between Pewsey and Westbury. Prospects of this happening have improved recently with the planned investment in bi-mode trains, meaning the significant expense of electrification of the line is now not neccessary.

There are still significant hurdles, but if the plan is approved building could start in 2022.

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Car parking increases

Wiltshire Council look set to increase car parking charges across towns in the County, with Devizes seeing some of the largest rises. Businesses are concerned that the County Council have not given sufficient consideration to the likely impact on the local economy and the Chamber of Commerce is making representations on their behalf.

Proposed increases in car parking charges – download here
Proposed charges in currently free car parks – download here
Proposed season ticket prices – download here

The following letter has been sent from Devizes Chamber President, Richard Jaggs, to key local decision makers and influencers:

I’m writing to voice the concerns of local businesses about the planned increases to parking charges, including the removal of the 1/2 hour free parking in the Market Place.

One of the aims of the Wiltshire Council’s Car parking strategy is ‘to support and help improve the vitality, viability and resilience of Wiltshire’s economy and market towns’, however, the proposals will increase costs across the board for local workers, shoppers and visitors.

Businesses are naturally concerned. There appears to be a lack of consideration on behalf of Wiltshire Council towards the local economy. The consultation process was very low key, with many businesses being unaware of it, plus no form of commercial impact assessment has been made that I am aware of.

To help ensure the Council gives proper consideration to the local economy businesses in the town would greatly appreciate any representations you can make on their behalf.